Diamond rings are a timeless symbol of love and commitment, but over time, they may need a refresh to restore their luster and appeal. Resetting a diamond ring can breathe new life into an old piece of jewelry and give it a fresh, modern look. Here are seven ways to reset your diamond ring for a new look that you’ll love.

Reasons for Resetting a Diamond Ring

There are several reasons why one may choose to reset a diamond ring. Perhaps the current setting is damaged or outdated, and a new setting would enhance the ring’s appearance. Or maybe the wearer’s style has evolved, and they want a new look for their cherished piece of jewelry. Another reason could be sentimental, such as resetting a family heirloom to better suit the current owner’s tastes. Additionally, some may want to upgrade their diamond or incorporate additional gemstones for a more intricate design. Whatever the reason, resetting a diamond ring can bring new life and meaning to a cherished piece of jewelry.

Choosing a Reputable Jeweler

Before resetting your diamond ring, it’s crucial to choose a reputable jeweler with a long-standing history of master craftsmanship and exquisite pieces, committed to excellence and dedicated to offering their customers exclusive collections of luxury jewelry. When choosing a jeweler to reset your diamond ring, make sure to research and choose a certified and experienced professional with excellent communication and collaboration skills.

Ways to Reset Diamond Rings for a New Look

  1. Changing the prongs: This method is perfect for those looking to modernize their ring while keeping the original design. Changing the prongs to a different shape or material can significantly change the look of the ring.
  2. Switching the metal band: Swapping the metal band for a different color or texture can add a unique touch to a diamond ring. Rose gold or platinum bands are currently trending and can give a classic diamond ring a modern twist.
  3. Adding accent stones: Incorporating accent stones can bring out the beauty of the center diamond and add a pop of color to the ring. Sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are all excellent choices for accent stones.
  4. Redesigning the setting: A setting change can completely transform a diamond ring. A bezel setting can make the ring look more contemporary, while a vintage-inspired design can give the ring a classic touch.
  5. Replacing the center stone: Upgrading the center stone can give a diamond ring a brand-new look. A larger or differently shaped diamond can add more sparkle and create a more unique piece of jewelry.
  6. Altering the shape of the diamond: Changing the shape of the diamond can make the ring look more modern and trendy. Oval, pear, and cushion-cut diamonds are currently popular and can add a unique touch to a diamond ring.
  7. Customizing the ring: Customizing a diamond ring allows for complete personalization of the piece. You can choose the metal, the diamond, and the design to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that reflects your style and taste.


Factors to Consider When Resetting a Diamond Ring

When considering resetting a diamond ring, there are several factors to keep in mind. Firstly, the current diamond’s size and shape should be taken into account, as the new setting will need to accommodate it properly. The type of metal used for the setting should also be considered, as certain metals may better complement the diamond or the wearer’s skin tone. The desired style and overall look of the ring should also be thought through, taking into account the wearer’s personal preferences and the occasion for which the ring will be worn. It is important to work with a reputable jeweler, who can guide you through the process and offer expert advice on the best options for your specific needs. Lastly, a budget should also be a factor to consider, as the cost of resetting a diamond ring can vary depending on the materials and design chosen.

Maintenance and Care for Reset Diamond Rings

After resetting a diamond ring, it is important to properly maintain and care for it to ensure it stays in pristine condition. Regular cleaning is essential to remove dirt and oils that can build up over time and dull the diamond’s sparkle. It is recommended to clean your diamond ring with warm water, mild soap, and a soft-bristled brush, and to avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive materials. It is also important to have the ring checked and serviced regularly by a reputable jeweler, to ensure that the setting is secure and the diamond is in good condition. In addition, it is important to store the ring properly when not in use, ideally in a soft pouch or jewelry box to prevent scratches and other damage. With proper care and maintenance, a reset diamond ring can remain a cherished and beautiful piece of jewelry for years to come.


Resetting a diamond ring can give it a brand-new look and restore its beauty and appeal. Valobra Master Jewelers’ expert craftsmanship and dedication to excellence can help you create a custom piece of luxury jewelry that reflects your style and personality. Visit their website or make an appointment to discover their exquisite collection and experience the beauty of Italian craftsmanship.