Wedding anniversaries are treasured milestones in life that deserve to be celebrated! Whether you’re celebrating a monumental year like your 50th anniversary or you’re just starting out on the road to marital bliss, take a look at our anniversary stones by year guide along with gift ideas that feature beautiful gemstones to mark the occasion.

1st Anniversary Gemstone: Gold 

Although it’s not a gemstone, the precious brilliance of gold is a beautiful reminder of the couple’s first year together. A simple gold bracelet or band is a symbolic way to remember the excitement of your first anniversary together.

2nd Anniversary Gemstone: Garnet

The deep, crimson red of garnet is a gemstone that’s close to the heart. Lovely garnet earrings is a stunning way to celebrate your second year of marriage. 

3rd Anniversary Gemstone: Pearl

Cultivated in the deep blue sea, a lovely pearl necklace reminds her that your love will weather any storm. 

4th Anniversary Gemstone: Blue Topaz

With its mesmerizing hues varying from light blue and turquoise to a deeper, more resplendent hue, the fascinating allure of blue topaz in a pendant is a beautiful way to keep the celebration close to your heart all year long. 

5th Anniversary Gemstone: Sapphire

Five years is a wonderful marriage milestone and one worth celebrating in style! Choose a dazzling sapphire ring or earrings to accentuate her beauty from any angle. 

6th Anniversary Gemstone: Amethyst

The alluring lavender to purple hues of amethyst were once only worn by royalty. Show her she’s your queen now and forever with stunning amethyst earrings. 

7th Anniversary Gemstone: Onyx

The deep black of onyx is a reminder that your love knows no limits. Onyx cufflinks or a stylish onyx band is a beautiful way to show your man that your love will always endure. 

8th Anniversary Gemstone: Tourmaline

Tourmaline comes in an array of colors ranging from reds to yellows and greens and some even appear to change color in the light. Studding tourmaline earrings are a gorgeous way to celebrate your eighth year of marriage. 

10th Anniversary Gemstone: Diamond

A decade together is truly a momentous occasion, and what better way to show how well your love endures than with a precious stone that has endured the test of time — the ever-popular diamond! Whether as a ring, a necklace, earrings or a bracelet, a diamond truly is a symbol of forever. 

15th Anniversary Gemstone: Ruby

The fiery red of the ruby is the perfect hallmark for your fifteenth wedding anniversary. This regal gem is perfectly at home in a pair of earrings or a bracelet and is sure to delight the recipient! 

20th Anniversary Gemstone: Emerald

The gorgeous deep green of the emerald is sure to be the envy of all when they see her wearing a gorgeous pair of emerald earrings or a delightful emerald necklace or bracelet. This is a stone that, much like your love for one another, deserves to be shown off! 

25th Anniversary Gemstone: Silver Jubilee

Twenty-five years is truly an occasion like no other, and for your silver jubilee, stunning silver combined with any precious stones, including sapphire, ruby, emeralds or diamonds, is certain to be treasured for all the years to come. 

50th Anniversary Gemstone: Golden Jubilee

Just like gold in the first year, the fiftieth-year golden jubilee celebrates a true love unlike any other. A gift of gold jewelry, whether a diamond studded ring, a gold and ruby necklace, or a gold bracelet with other precious stones, is a testament to your enduring love for each other, and how true love is as pure and as resplendent as the shining sun. 

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