While the year 2020 hasn’t gone as planned, one thing is for sure: love conquers all. Although the wedding industry has had some major setbacks, couples are still getting engaged and finding new ways to say “I do.” If this year has proven anything, it is that engagement rings and wedding bands still hold the special symbol of the love and commitment a couple has for each other.

At Valobra, we specialize in creating custom, one of a kind engagement rings that stand the test of time. Today we are counting down some of our favorite bridal and jewelry trends from 2020 that you’ll be sure to love too.

The Hidden Halo

If there’s one trend that stands out amongst the rest, it’s the sparkly, subtle detail of the hidden halo. The traditional halo is a nice touch when you have a smaller center diamond, and want to give it a bigger appearance. Similarly, if you have a larger center diamond, a thin pavé halo can really compliment and give it that “wow” factor.

Both of these styles, although very beautiful, can be a little busy for a bride who likes an understated look – this is where the hidden halo comes in. Placed underneath the diamond, the hidden halo can be used to give a timeless solitaire setting an extra touch of something special. Seen only from the side profile, you can see how this detail is the perfect compliment to any solitaire engagement ring!

Stackable Wedding Bands

One of the easiest trends to achieve from this year, and possibly our favorite, is the wedding band stack. The term “stack” refers to layering multiple bands on one finger to create a unique, bold look. There are no rules to how many bands you can stack, as long as they don’t pass your knuckles! The nice thing about this trend is that it’s not limited to diamonds.

Mixing in a colored gemstone band, such as emeralds, sapphires, or rubies, is a fun way to create some separation between the diamond bands. Similarly, a solid metal band in white, yellow, or rose gold, is a nice contrast amongst all the sparkle. We love that our clients choose to add a new one for special occasions. Whether it’s for a significant birthday, anniversary, or even as a push present, these are sure to serve as a reminder of those amazing moments later on in life.

Yellow Gold

Whether you’re mixing your metals, or wearing it alone, yellow gold has been a staple for our clients this year. Gold has been used to make jewelry for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Traditionally throughout history, gold was worn by society’s elite. Nowadays, it is the most common metal used in jewelry making! At Valobra, we use 18kt gold for about ninety five percent of our pieces, with the five percent being platinum. Since gold is yellow by nature, it’s warm, rich hues make it an easy choice for clients who are looking for a setting with a subtle pop of color.

Single Prong Bands

Similar to the stacking trend mentioned earlier, the single prong diamond bands have taken this year by storm. The way the diamonds are set, sharing one prong in between each stone, allows the focus to be on the sparkle, instead of the metal. While we’ve seen a particular preference for the classic round, the single prong band can be done in any diamond shape such as oval or marquise. The delicate single prong setting is secure and stylish, allowing for maximum sparkle on each individual stone!

Layering Necklaces

The last and final trend that has been extremely popular is layering different necklaces together. With this trend, you can wear multiple long necklaces, multiple shorter necklaces, or different colored metals to create an eye catching array that shows off your personal style. Our favorite way to style a layered look is with one long necklace, and a few shorter chains and pendants to give it some dimension. One thing is for sure, there’s no wrong way to layer!