“Jewelry designing is one of those rare endeavors in which you can strive for and obtain absolute perfection, a rare and breathtaking balance between gems and precious metals, a natural bond of inescapable beauty.”

-Aldo Valobra

The Design Process

Our custom design process starts with an initial consultation to understand and establish what you wish to create. After the first consultation we use our in house CAD designer to render a computer generated image, that will be approved by you. Following the approval of the rendered image of your custom piece, we will begin the physical creation which normally takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks.

We have, on premise, a master jeweler in our workshop for custom jewelry needs. Our jeweler works closely with our team to recreate exactly what is drawn up during the design process. Everything we do for our custom jobs is done in house to ensure the highest quality possible. Our skilled team will be able to guide you through this process, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

The Consultation

Our custom design process starts with an initial consultation with one of our sales specialist. During this first meeting we will discuss what it is you wish to create with us. The design process can be custom tailored to your specifications.

The Design

During the design process we take all details into account to create something that reflects what you have imagined. The design process is where our sales specialist will walk you through options regarding the smaller details of your custom piece. Because we make our jewelry here in our store, anything is possible!

Virtual Creation

The next step of the custom process is the digital rendering, or CAD design. This rendering is a computer generated image done by our in house CAD designer. This digital rendering is very accurate for how your piece will look in real life, and we share this step with our clients in case there are any changes you would like to make. Bringing your customized piece to life before it is actually created takes the stress out of custom design.

Casting and Creating

After the final approval of the CAD design our jeweler can begin working on it. We do everything in-house, cutting out any middle men with everything we need here in the store. Through the process of the creation we can keep you updated regularly, so that you will know where your piece stands in production.


The completion of your custom piece is of course the most exciting part! We will reach out to you as soon as your piece is finished and you may come at your leisure to pick it up, or we can ship to you! The process of custom design is much easier than most people believe, and we strive to treat each of our clients like they are the only client of Valobra. Lets start your custom piece of Valobra jewelry today!