The sanctity of marriage has been symbolized through exquisite pieces of jewelry for centuries. Two such pieces that stand out in their significance are the engagement ring and the wedding band. These enduring symbols of love and commitment often raise an intriguing question – how should they be worn? Should the wedding band be above or below the engagement ring? Valobra Master Jewelers, with our heritage steeped in Italian craftsmanship, bring this discussion to light, guiding you to wear these symbols of love in a way that best expresses your personal style and commitment.

Understanding the Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Tradition

The tradition of wedding bands and engagement rings has been intertwined with human history and culture for millennia. As purveyors of luxury jewelry, Valobra Master Jewelers can attest to the rich symbolism of these rings, crafted with master craftsmanship and embodying the values of commitment and love. The common practice leans towards wearing the wedding band below the engagement ring, symbolic of it being closer to the heart.

Wearing Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings: Common Practices

A classic approach followed by many is to wear the wedding band on the ring finger of the left hand, nestled below the engagement ring. This tradition, reflecting the belief that the wedding band should be closer to the heart, holds sway in many cultures. It also reflects the chronological order of events – engagement followed by marriage. However, the beauty of tradition lies in its ability to evolve, reflecting the diversity and individuality of those who embrace it.

Variations in Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring Placement

In some scenarios, individuals may choose to wear the wedding band above the engagement ring. Factors such as pregnancy, profession, or simply personal preference can influence this choice. The luxury jewelry pieces offered by Valobra Master Jewelers are crafted with such exceptional detail that they exude elegance and charm, regardless of how they are worn.

Factors Influencing the Position of Rings

The choice of ring placement may be influenced by practicality, personal comfort, and cultural traditions. Some may opt for a different arrangement based on their profession to ensure the safety of their rings. At Valobra Master Jewelers, we understand the importance of these considerations and offer a range of exquisite pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways, without compromising on style or comfort.

Customizing Your Ring Placement: Modern Trends and Individual Preferences

In the realm of luxury jewelry, the traditional rules are continuously being reinvented. Modern trends see couples stacking, alternating, or even wearing their rings on different fingers to better express their unique style. The master craftsmanship of Valobra Master Jewelers caters to these evolving trends, providing exclusive collections that can be worn in myriad ways, celebrating the individuality of each wearer.

The Role of Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings in Various Cultures

Around the globe, the practice of wearing wedding bands and engagement rings varies significantly. These customs highlight the cultural diversity and richness that inform our practices. Our Italian jeweler heritage at Valobra Master Jewelers empowers us to appreciate these varied traditions and infuse them into our luxury offerings.

Expert Opinions and Advice

Jewelry experts often advocate for wearing the wedding band and engagement ring in a way that feels right for the wearer. The design and structure of Valobra Master Jewelers’ rings, meticulously crafted with Italian mastery, ensure comfort and elegance in every situation.

Common queries surrounding the placement of wedding bands and engagement rings often revolve around tradition, comfort, and practicality. Rest assured that regardless of how you choose to wear your rings, the exquisite pieces from Valobra Master Jewelers will continually enhance your grace and elegance.


Whether you choose to wear your wedding band above or below your engagement ring, the most important thing is that your rings reflect your love story and personal style. Embrace the unique charm of Valobra Master Jewelers’ exquisite collections and let our master craftsmanship elevate your celebration of love. After all, the essence of these symbols of love lies not only in how they are worn but also in the stories they tell and the commitments they represent.


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