As years come and go, so do engagement ring trends! Fashion trends, in general, seem to sway back and forth and each year something new will pop up and catch our eye. Sometimes a “new” trend is actually a recycled trend, making its way back into the spotlight and captivating people just as it did when it first came onto the scene. When it comes to engagement ring trends, we see certain styles come and go, some go quicker than others! Today on the blog we are going to talk about 5 projected engagement ring trends for 2021!

Trend #1: Yellow gold

I am hesitant to even use the word trend with yellow gold because yellow gold is day 1, the OG, the standard of jewelry! White gold really started trending in the mid-2000’s, and as much as white gold is still being used in engagement rings, yellow gold seems to be coming full circle and stealing the show yet again. Yellow gold is very traditional, and extremely high quality. When you select a yellow gold setting, you will never have to worry about replating the color. As more and more couples ask for yellow gold mountings, we think it is safe to say yellow gold is officially back for good.

Trend #2: Solitaire

The solitaire style engagement ring is ultra-chic and subtly simple. 2020 was all about cleaning out our closets and minds, for a fresh start and new beginnings. We believe the clean simplicity of a solitaire ring speaks volumes of the new generations getting engaged. Solitaire rings can be worn alone, or with a few wedding bands to spice up their character. We see solitaire rings staying around for a while, as more and more clients continue to choose this as the design for their engagement rings.

Trend #3: Emerald Cut Diamonds

Going off of the theme of “clean simplicity”, Emerald cut diamonds are an ode to clean-cut beauty. The step-cut facets inside of the Emerald cut diamond make for an irresistible engagement ring! More and more clients have been seeking out an Emerald cut diamond, and we can absolutely see why. With elongated rectangular diamond shapes on the rise, we are happy to be seeing such an interest in the Emerald cut diamond.

Trend #4: Flush Wedding Bands

When selecting an engagement ring, sometimes small details are forgotten when not assisted the Valobra way. We always talk to our engagement ring clients about wedding bands, because so many women want their wedding band and engagement ring to sit flush together. Planning ahead is absolutely necessary when selecting the engagement ring because if the intention is to wear a wedding band (which is most common) it should be considered how the rings will sit on the finger with each other. A few years ago the trend was to solder or connect the engagement ring with the wedding band or bands. Today we have noticed more people keep the rings as two separate pieces of jewelry, and for that reason, we always educate our clients on the way their ring will eventually sit with the engagement ring.

Trend #5: East to West set Diamonds

Recently we have seen many more East to West set diamonds, as opposed to the classic North to South set Diamonds (you most commonly see diamonds on engagement rings set up and down, North to South). Setting the diamond in the East to West fashion is a fun way to spice up your ring, whether it is the engagement ring or not! You don’t see this design too often, but we definitely see this trend starting to take off!