Rings and necklaces aren’t the only things that can be layered! Stacked bracelets are not only trending, but you can also customize them to achieve a uniquely bold and personalized look! In this post, we’ll share our favorite tips for how to stack bracelets to create a style that’s all your own! 

If you don’t want to layer the same bracelet, you can create variations on the same style. The right bracelet stack can really pull an outfit or look together, but at the same time, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing and go overboard. Learn what to avoid and what to follow when it comes to stacking bracelets. 


Mixing and Matching

Mixing and matching bracelets is a fun way to keep your bracelet stack new and interesting. Whether you choose a small, beaded bracelet or a more lustrous design, you’ll want to be sure that you coordinate colors and metals in order to create a design that doesn’t clash. Gold, rose gold, silver and platinum all go together very well and with a splash of natural color, you can create a look that’s unique and eye-catching.

While mixing and matching, be sure now to overshadow the smaller pieces by paring them with an extra- large bangle or something that draws attention away from them. You want every piece to stand out on its own merits but also form a cohesive and unique unit when stacked together! 


What Size Should Stackable Bracelets Be? 

This all boils down to personal preference in terms of how loose you want your bracelets to be. If you want your stack to be snugger on your wrist, look for smaller bracelets and place the smallest ones near your hand to help keep the others from sliding off. 

Looser bracelets can be larger and just left to hang down on your wrist. Interlocking circles or chains are often worn this way and combined with smaller pieces to create a multi-toned, multi-layered effect. 


How Many Bracelets Should I Stack? 

There is no hard and fast rule for how many bracelets you should stack, because it all depends on the look you’re going for and the size of the bracelets you’ve chosen. Generally speaking, if you’re adding a watch or a larger bracelet into the mix, it’s best to stick between three and five bracelets.

Smaller beaded strands or thinner bracelets should be stacked much more, but of course you don’t want to overdo it and cover more than a third of your forearm!


What Should I Wear With My Stacked Bracelets?

This is the best part of stacking bracelets! They go with almost everything, from a t-shirt and jeans to a little black dress. Just be careful not to pair too many flashy pieces of jewelry together. Remember to keep it subtle yet creative and fun! 

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