Isabella Reimer

is seen in PaperCity magazine wearing the Art Deco Aquamarine and Diamond Statement Necklace and the Diamond Link Earrings. Shop her other favorites from Valobra Master Jewelers.



Isabella Reimer is a Polish American former model and businesswoman. Isabella lived in Germany in the ‘80s and ‘90s before relocating to the United States. She’s owned various businesses from a fashion boutique, antique store, to some of the top restaurants in Southern California. She’s a dedicated mother of two and currently resides in Houston with her husband, Charles Reimer.

Houston plays a significant role in Isabella’s life as she’s enamored with the arts and fashion community. She spends her free time dedicated to natural health alternative methods, as she is passionate about living your best and healthy life. Isabella values inner beauty as it speaks magnitude in who you are as a person.

Isabella is Seen Wearing