Valobra Master Jewelers is thrilled to host an all day trunk show in our Houston showroom for MARIANI on Wednesday, November 3, 2021.

Founded in 1878, the house of MARIANI is a point of reference in Italy for its extraordinary originality and beautiful creations. Their first jewels were created over 140 years ago and since those distant times; MARIANI has nurtured the success of its jewelry pieces within the family.

It began with Camillo Mariani, an accomplished silversmith and jeweler who learned his art from the masters in Milan, Italy. The passion for holy ornaments was vivid at that time; chalices and crosses became part of the history of his jewelry and silversmith talents. With time, the Vatican and the Italian clerics coveted the uncompromising discretion and exquisiteness of their rosaries created by the superb craftsmen of the MARIANI workshop.