When shopping for a diamond engagement ring, one of the first major choices you’ll need to make is deciding on the cut of the diamond. Although round diamonds are always popular, many couples are electing for more elaborate, fancier cuts. Two such cuts are the princess cut and cushion cut. 

Let’s take a closer look at both types of diamonds, their history, trends and how they’re made to better help you in your decision as you select the perfect diamond engagement ring. 

The Princess Cut Diamond

The princess cut diamond has a sharp square shape and is often used in modern jewelry designs. It finishes with a pyramidal cut and four beveled sides. Invented by Betazel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz in 1980, similar styles before the princess cut included the French cut and quadrillion cut. The princess cut surged in popularity and is one of the most popular choices for diamond engagement rings. 

The Cushion Cut Diamond

The cushion cut diamond is much older than the princess cut, dating back to the 1700s. But if you were to look at a cushion cut diamond from that time period, it would scarcely resemble what we know today. Before the cushion cut was the old mine cut, invented by Venetian polisher Vincent Peruzzi. With his exceptional skill, he was able to increase the number of facets in a round rose cut diamond from 17 to 33, allowing the diamond to shine in its full brilliance from any angle. 

Understandably, cutting a round diamond manually took a great deal of skill and knowledge, so the square cushion-shaped cut was easier to master. You’ll be glad to know that times have changed since then, and a modern cushion diamond now has an incredible 58 facets. We think Peruzzi would be quite impressed by the awe and brilliance of such a diamond cut!

The Princess Cut vs. the Cushion Cut

Both princess cuts and cushion cuts for diamonds look similar in that they have a square center focal point but are very different beyond that shape. Cushion cut diamonds have softer edges that are rounded, adding to their romantic feel, whereas princess cut diamonds have a more contemporary, geometric style. 

When it comes to complementary gemstones, you’ll be glad to know that both princess cuts and cushion cuts offer a great deal of versatility, so if you’re looking for a custom designed engagement ring, you have a great deal of creativity at your disposal.

A cushion cut center diamond looks equally dazzling alongside two smaller cushion cuts or even half-moon or trapeze shaped diamonds, whereas a princess cut looks beautiful alongside smaller princess cuts or tapered baguettes — creating a daintier look. 


Princess Cut vs. Cushion Cut: Which is Better? 

If you’re wondering whether a princess cut vs. a cushion cut diamond is better, it all comes down to your personal preference. Both of them are absolutely beautiful in any engagement ring setting. 

Before you decide, however, it’s best to see the diamonds up-close and personal. Look for the four C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat and how they fit into your overall diamond ring design. The diamond professionals at Valobra Master Jewelers can help you select the perfect diamond for your custom engagement ring, as well as show you various princess and cushion cut diamonds and how they pair with different types of precious metals like yellow or rose gold. 

Visit Valobra Master Jewelers today to see our extensive diamond showcase for yourself and let us help you choose the perfect cut to celebrate your most perfect moments!