For more than a century, Valobra Master Jewelers has made a stamp on people’s hearts and their imaginations. From beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings – we have everything one could possibly ever need for their jewelry desires. However, to call a piece truly your own, a piece so unique that it can only be found on your person, that’s something we call custom jewelry.

Many men and women can find a gift for someone or for themselves, but a piece of jewelry that is found nowhere else on Earth – would be considered a treasure, a rare piece of treasure at that. You see, it’s not just about the value of materials of the piece of jewelry, but the sentiment behind each custom piece that makes them so invaluable.

In this article, we’ll be discussing Jewelry Customization – and how one would bring their dream piece of jewelry to life – here at Valobra Master Jewelers.

Turning Your Vision into Reality

Whenever a great piece of art or music is produced, the artist always grabs influences from their personal life, or from experiences that have captivated them. The same can be said with jewelry. Write down what the piece should have, with the form and shape. You can write down traits, draw shapes, or even get pictures from social media or the Internet. We recommend creating a mood board if you’re really into arts and crafts.

Either method is fine, but once you are ready (and happy with your dream piece of jewelry) you can allow us to bring it to life for you.


It’s All in the Details

With every precious gemstone, there is a corresponding precious metal. Now that your perfect piece has been designed, you are now customizing it with a precious metal/stone that would look amazing for you or its eventual wearer. If you’re curious about which metals and which gemstones would work the best together, let us bring you over some examples.

Make sure to write down which gemstones and metals you would like to see and possibly use, just to make everything easier on yourself and on us.

Diamonds Are Forever, Mistakes Are Not

Just to let you know, making a custom piece of jewelry will take a considerable amount of time. Without the effort, it wouldn’t be as special right? So review, make revisions, take your time, and when you are truly ready (this may or may not take a couple of trips to our store…) we can get final approval from you to start working.
The best part about modern jewelry customization is that we can use wax models or CAD drawings to show you what the final piece will look like. We want to make sure that it’s as perfect as you imagined it to be.



Building Dreams, One Gem at A Time

Once everything has been approved, and all the paperwork has been done – we’ll get right to work on creating your perfect piece. We’ll update you until its completion and place it within a special jewelry box that you can treat yourself with, or to surprise that special someone.

In conclusion…

Jewelry customization is a way to not only make something uniquely yours but to create something with more than just material value. If you’re interested in creating a piece of custom jewelry, swing by and give us a chance at making your dream a reality.