When it comes to the right kind of jewelry, how do you even know where to begin? It’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed with so many options, metals, precious stones, silver or gold and so much more. But the truth is, some outfits just look more “pulled together” with the right kind of jewelry. The good news is this is a skill that you can easily learn, and by the end of this article, you’ll be able to pull together a beautiful ensemble like your favorite social media fashionistas! 

Accessorize for the Occasion

Any outfit starts with an occasion in mind. You don’t want to dress too formally for a casual event or vice versa. Let the occasion be your guide for the types of jewelry you wear. If you’re dressing up to go out on a date, attend a wedding or be a guest at a cocktail party, you’ll want elegant styles to match a more classic look. 

With everyday outfits, you can play around with different trends and experiment to your heart’s content. A simple t-shirt and jeans can be the beginning of a bold or playful style in which you can more easily express yourself! 


Begin with the Color Scheme 

Let the color scheme serve as your foundation for choosing the right jewelry. The good news is that you don’t have to be a former art major to be able to understand how color works together. For example, silver and platinum pair well with cooler or more muted colors, while gold and fiery gemstones like ruby pair well with warmer colors. Jewelry with similar tones and saturations looks effortlessly put together on an outfit of similar hues. 

Draw Attention to the Neckline

Necklaces are in a class all their own when it comes to choosing the best one for your needs. Pay attention to the shape of the neckline on your chosen top. You want to create a look wherein both items play off each other rather than create a competitive focus on one or the other. Ideally, your necklace should end a few inches from where the neckline begins. If the neckline has its own features like bows or sparkles or other features, it may “drown out” the appeal of the necklace. 

Match with Your Skin Tone

Some pieces just naturally look best with certain skin tones. That’s not to say that any pieces are off limits, but you’ve likely already realized that some pieces just look better than you on others! For example, just like with pairing jewelry according to color scheme, gold and orange hues stand out on darker skin tones, whereas cooler skin tones make white gold, silver and platinum shine. Neutral skin tones bring together the best of both worlds. Likewise, red, purple and blue gemstones stand out well on cooler skin tones while greens, oranges and yellows tend to favor darker skin. 

Create a Focal Piece

The bottom line when it comes to choosing the right jewelry for your needs is to consider a single focal point; where you want to draw the eye. Putting together too many bold pieces in one ensemble can draw the eye too many different directions and look very hurried and gaudy. Choose one or two statement pieces but if choosing two, spread them out — you don’t want a statement necklace and earrings as both will be competing for attention around your face. You can, however, choose a bold bracelet and earrings as this helps highlight both parts of your outfit complementarily.. 

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