Christmas and New Year’s Eve came and went, and now that we have entered 2021, our sights are set on the ever-anticipated Valentine’s Day. With style, practicality, and classicism in mind, here are our top Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her that she will love to receive on this beloved holiday.

1. Diamond Stud Earrings


One of the most coveted pieces of jewelry sought after by many of our female clients is diamond earrings. While we offer many styles of earrings, from dangling, shoulder-length, to hoops in every size, studs are always the most wearable. Diamond studs are one of those pieces that will never go out of style, and in fact, they are a great investment that you can repurpose later in life in the form of a pendant or ring.


2. Tennis Bracelets

The tennis bracelet, which got its name from the tennis champion Chris Evert in the mid-1970s, is a classic yet elegant piece of jewelry. With several diamonds set in a straight line, this bracelet can be styled with other bracelets or worn with a watch for a versatile, feminine piece. At Valobra, we make and carry a large selection of tennis bracelets in every size and for every occasion.


3. Heart-Shaped Jewelry

One of the sweetest gifts you can give on Valentine’s Day is something heart-shaped, to remind your loved one that they have your heart! We have a selection of white and yellow diamond heart pendants, ruby necklaces, emerald rings, and more. What better way to show your unconditional love?


4. Nancy Band

The Nancy Band is one of our Valobra Signature designs. Named after owner Franco Valobra’s wife, the Nancy band combines the brilliance of round brilliant diamonds with the flashes of step-cut baguette diamonds. Two rows of round diamonds surround the middle row of the baguettes, which create a special and significant look all around. This style of band is commonly worn on the right hand by many of our clients and can also sometimes replace their original bridal set.