Few things beat the confidence that comes from wearing elegant and unique jewelry. Jewels made from Asscher cut diamonds will make you stand out. Diamond cutters cut only 2% of diamonds into Asschers, making these gemstones rare.

What Are Asscher Cut Diamonds?

Asscher cut diamonds have emerald and princess cuts with X-shaped facets right from their corners to their center culets. Their faceting’s brilliance can mask lower color grades and inclusions.
Many celebrities appreciate Asschers’ clean balance and Art Deco era vibe. Pippa Middleton, Jessica Alba, and Ashlee Simpson are popular individuals who’ve rocked engagement rings with Asschers.
Asschers are unique because their straight-edged facets give them an elegant look. Their features borrow from the Art Deco period’s designs. They have 58 or 78 arranged facets having the same length and width with angled corners, shaping the gems into octagons.


The History of Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asschers are named after the Asscher brothers. The Royal Asscher Diamond Company makes them. They first appeared in 1902, and they enjoyed peak popularity in the Art Deco period in the 1920s. The Asscher family patented these gemstones until World War II, when the Dutch administration deported them and seized their Asschers.

Joseph and Louis Asscher started rebuilding the jewelry company in 1946. They improved the original Asscher cut and quality with modern diamond cutting techniques. They patented the new Asschers having 78 facets and raised crowns.

Joop and Edward Asscher tried to figure out how to improve the original Asscher in 1999. They introduced the Royal Asscher Cut and patented it. This elegant cut makes these gemstones eye-catching.
Are Asscher Cut Diamonds Expensive?

These diamonds are often cheaper than most diamonds. They take up 65–75% of rough stones, reducing their price. Asschers’ color, quality, and clarity also impact their prices.

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