You’ve finally done it! You’ve found…THE ONE. No, we don’t mean your soul mate (although that’s important too), we mean your wedding dress! You’ve no doubt spent hours learning more about wedding dresses than you ever imagined, but it’s finally here — the moment… to ACCESSORIZE! 

Fortunately, choosing what jewelry to wear on your wedding day doesn’t have to be overwhelming (and definitely not as daunting as choosing THE dress!). The good news is that you’re already familiar with jewelry and how beautiful it makes you feel. You know which pieces make you feel confident, which can serve as the basis for creating your own special ensemble on your big day. Here, you can draw inspiration from your favorite outfits in the past. Which pieces drew compliments and attention? Which made you feel absolutely amazing? Choose pieces in a similar vein for your wedding day.

Your Rings Don’t Have to Match Perfectly! 

You already know that you’ll be wearing your engagement ring and wedding ring every day, so it’s a good bet that they already reflect your own personal style in terms of the type of jewelry you like. The good news is, just because you have a specific type of engagement ring, doesn’t mean that all the other pieces of jewelry have to match it. The same applies for metals. If your engagement ring is platinum and you want to wear some gold, there’s no reason why you can’t. Be intentional about your choices and you’ll find a way to make them all come together perfectly. 

Integrate Sentimental Pieces While Dress Shopping

Jewelry is an integral part of the “something borrowed” tradition, and while you wouldn’t dream of saying no to your great grandma’s pearls, you also don’t want them to stick out and draw too much unwanted attention. The best way around this is to take the sentimental piece with you when dress shopping. If it is a sentimental piece that will become yours after you marry, consider ways that you could make it part of your own personal style. This way, whenever you bring out the piece again, you can enjoy the memories once more. 

Don’t Always Give In to Trends

If there’s a specific trend that speaks to you, by all means make it yours for your special day. But you don’t have to embrace every trend on Pinterest or TikTok just because they’ve spread all over social media. It’s better to make decisions that are based on your own personal style, including pieces or looks that you want to emulate for sentimental reasons. Every piece of jewelry you choose for your wedding day should mean something special to you. After all, it’s your day, and you deserve to look and feel your best! 

Wear a Necklace that Matches the Neckline of Your Dress

Last, but certainly not least, if you’re going to wear a necklace with your wedding dress, it’s a good idea to choose one that follows the neckline of the dress itself. For example, if you’re wearing a V-neck dress, a pendant would look better. A strapless dress pairs beautifully with a choker or a statement necklace. Above all, make sure that the necklace is laying against your skin rather than the dress.

The bottom line is this — choosing the perfect jewelry to wear on your wedding day doesn’t have to be frustrating! It can be fun and exciting to capture a beautiful look for your special day, and the experts at Valobra Master Jewelers can help! Stop in to our store today and tell us more about your ideal look and how you envision your special day, and we’ll work with you to find the perfect jewelry pieces that speak to you and make every moment truly unforgettable.