Has your gemstone ring lost its luster? Want to care for it but not sure how? At Valobra Master Jewelers, our gemstone artisans and master jewelers have helped to clean and care for countless gemstone rings. Here’s what we recommend to all of our new customers for helping keep their gemstone rings looking new even years later.

Ordinary Dish Soap Works Wonders

You don’t need any fancy jewelry cleaner to clean your gemstone rings. Ordinary dish soap works wonders! Just a bowl of water and a few drops of dish detergent is all you need. Take an old, soft toothbrush and gently scrub the stone, making sure to get it into crevices where dirt and soap can collect. Then simply rinse and pat dry with a soft cloth for instant luster!

Organic Gemstones Require Special Care

Keep in mind that if you have a softer gemstone, like amber, coral or pearl, these types require special care because of their porous surface. You don’t want to treat them with harsh chemicals. Even the chemicals in things like shampoo or perfume can damage these softer materials, so it’s a good idea to store them in a box lined with cloth and keep them separate from other jewelry (because they may get scratched). A soft cloth is all you need to clean them and keep them looking new. 

Protect Your Ring Before You Work

If you’re going to be working with your hands a lot, such as gardening or even vigorous exercise, it’s a good idea to remove your gemstone ring beforehand. A hard blow may damage or dislodge softer gemstones. It’s also important not to remove your ring by pulling on the gemstone itself.

Although those won’t harm the stone, over time it may warp the metal used to hold it in place. 

By taking good care of your gemstone rings, you’ll help keep them looking like new years into the future, providing you with immense pleasure and pride while perfectly accentuating your beauty and style!