It’s one of the biggest jewelry fashion trends of 2022 and it’s catching on like wildfire: Stackable Rings. Stackable rings have been around for a while but are only just recently stepping back into the spotlight.

As their name implies, stackable rings are simple rings that stack on top of each other. In addition to letting you wear many different types of rings on one finger, they also allow you to express yourself and your unique creativity in a way that no other jewelry can compare to. 

While technically you could stack any kind of rings together, the unique thing about stackable rings is that when stacked, they look like a set. Of course, you’ll want to keep some general points in mind if this is your first experience with stackable rings, so let’s jump right in and learn all there is to know about this fascinating jewelry trend!

What Do Stackable Rings Mean?

Stackable rings (also called stackable bands) are simply rings that can be layered together to create a more unique look. Do they have any special meaning? That’s the best part: they can have a meaning YOU create!

For example, you could layer your wedding ring and engagement ring with your anniversary rings to tell a story of your love, or you could layer rings with your children’s birthstones to celebrate the momentous milestones of their births. Whatever is the most meaningful for you is the perfect reason to own a set of stackable rings! 


What’s the History of Stackable Rings?

Although they’re a modern trend, stackable rings go back even long before we do! The first stackable rings were created as wedding jewelry back in the 16th and 17th centuries and were called gimmel rings. They came as two or three interlocking bands which could come apart but also be locked together to form a complete ring. Both the bride and groom would wear one until after the wedding, when the husband would give his ring to his new wife and lock all of the rings together, symbolizing their unbreakable future.

Another type of stackable ring, called a guard ring or keeper ring, was popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. These rings were designed to prevent the wedding ring from accidentally slipping off, which is how they got their name. They were usually the engagement ring, plus another ring that had some significance to its owner. 

Modern Stackable Rings

In the past, stackable rings featured diamonds, emeralds, rubies or a combination of precious stones. Today, they may still contain these beautiful gems, but may also create an entire image when locked together, such as the design of a heart or flower. In addition, these rings are no longer just for bridal purposes, and you can wear them for any reason you please! Choose a stackable set to go with your favorite outfit or just because!  You can even mix and match metals for a cool and eye-catching look! 


The most important thing to know about stackable rings is that they are part of a trend that YOU create and style your way. If you’d like to be inspired with new stackable ring designs that are both attractive and eye-catching, visit our immense showroom and see our selection for yourself, or have a set of stackable rings custom designed just for you from Valobra Master Jewelers!