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Engagement Ring FAQs

Engagement ring shopping can be a stressful task for many individuals, but it doesn’t have to be. We have complied our frequently asked questions regarding engagement rings to help guide you to the ring of your dreams.


What are the most important things I should know before buying an engagement ring?

When buying an engagement ring, you should come in with an open mind about style and design. There are many different diamonds and ring designs out there, so getting a feel for what you and your partner like is the most important factor to consider before buying an engagement ring. Other preferences to consider would be price, size, or material.

What are the different settings of an engagement ring?

There are a multitude of styles when it comes to selecting your engagement ring. Please consult with your engagement ring specialist about styles you and your partner are interested in.

What should I ask the jeweler when designing and buying an engagement ring?

Make sure you ask as many questions as you would like while going through the design process. Your engagement ring specialist will also ask you many questions as you go through this process too, so everyone will have a great understanding of how the ring will look when finished.

What are the differences in metals used for engagement rings?

For engagement rings we will usually use 18kt white, yellow or rose gold, or platinum. We recommend gold because it is stronger, while still being malleable for the jeweler. Gold can also be polished and plated as the years go on, to keep it looking fresh and new.

How long before I want to propose should I start designing a custom engagement?

Please allow for at least one month before the proposal to meet with the jeweler/designer. This will allow for ample time to pick the diamond and setting. We make the engagement rings in-house, and orders are created in the order received.

How to insure an engagement ring?

Most of our clients choose to insure their engagement ring with whoever insures their home/car. In other instances, you can choose to use a company like Jewelers Mutual for any jewelry insurance needs.

How much does a 1 carat engagement ring cost?

 A 1-carat engagement ring can range greatly in price depending on the quality of the diamond itself. Please consult with one of our engagement ring specialists about pricing for your future engagement ring.

How many carats should an engagement ring be?

An engagement ring should be whatever you are comfortable with. There are no rules when it comes to size or style of engagement rings, so we encourage all of our clients to pick something that fits your personality and budget.

What is the best month to buy an engagement ring?

Any month of the year is the best time to buy an engagement ring. Sometimes you will run into specials throughout the year for certain holidays, but there is not one specific time that is better to buy an engagement ring.

What diamond cut is the best in an engagement ring?

Not one cut of a diamond is better than another. It all comes down to personal preference! Some of the most popular cuts are round, oval, radiant, emerald, and cushion.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

It has been said that an engagement ring should be equivalent in price to 2 month’s salary, however, this is not a standard or what one needs to spend. Your engagement ring should be what you feel comfortable paying. The engagement ring is a symbol of love, commitment and a lifelong union.

What are your financing options for purchasing a ring?

We currently offer Wells Fargo financing to our customers on purchases up to $50,000. Ask your sales specialist about other in-house financing options.

Do you sell GIA certified diamonds?

GIA is the most accredited and reliable diamond grading association in the world, and we pride ourselves on only selling GIA-certified diamonds.


Is custom more expensive than store bought engagement rings?

It is a common misconception that custom engagement rings are more expensive than store-bought engagement rings. Custom is not more expensive. Valobra Master Jewelers has an in-house jeweler, so we do not go through middlemen to create our pieces. Every custom job is made here in our store, and will generally cost the same as a ring already made.