Testimonials and Community Support

Valobra Master Jewelers is honored to have clients and friends who are strong leaders in their communities and are always supportive of our business and our valiant efforts to give back.

Dr. Carolyn Farb

Ashley Seippel

Nancy Littlejon

Rachel Volz

“I am honored to be a client and friend of Franco and Valobra Master Jewelers. I am grateful for his support of the Houston community. He not only creates incredible jewelry, but his gives his time and talent to help raise money for hundreds of organizations.”
Beth Zdeblick

“Franco is an amazing husband, father, brother and friend who happens to create amazing masterpieces. His warmth expands to everyone he meets. His continued support to our community is inspirational and holds no bounds. He and his team love to allow you to play dress up with his beautiful creations. Visiting his works of art or better yet receiving them as gifts is truly an honor.”
Laurie Krohn
“I have been a client and friend of Franco for many years and I admire his generous heart to the Houston community and well as his incredible jewelry designs and customer service. I am so grateful to have such special pieces made by Franco and his team.”
Janeen Fertitta

Courtney Toon

Gina Bhatia

Melissa Mithoff

“Franco Valobra has been such a wonderful supporter of Dec My Room throughout the Houston area. Whenever Dec My Room has needed support, Franco has always been there to help us. That and Mike and I love shopping at his store. His jewelry is the best in town!”
Susan Plank

Carolyn Heard

Debra Grierson

Dr. Romy MItchell

Donna Speer

“I support Valobra Jewelers because Franco has always supported causes close to my heart. He not only makes a donation but goes above and beyond to make his commitment special and tailored to the charity. I met Franco in 2007 through the Ferrari club. As soon as he found out I was an honoree that year for CAP, he asked what he could do. From then on, he has supported my fund-raising efforts for countless charities. Thank you, Franco and all of your wonderful staff!”
Patti Murphy

Joyce Echols

Carena and Cynthia Petrello

Darlene Bisso

“Thank you to Franco Valobra and his amazing team at Valobra Master Jewelers for your service to your customers as well as the Houston community. I am grateful to Franco for donating to so many organizations to raise money for the wonderful causes in our community.”
Alicia Smith

Vivian WIse

Valerie Dieterich

Hallie Vanderhider

Eva Bisso

“I always think of Valobra when I wear the rose gold Rolex watch and the Buccalati watch I purchased there. Franco has donated to many non-profits I have been involved in. He goes the extra 1,000 miles to help in every aspect. No question that he has the most stunning jewelry in the USA.”
Cindi Harwood Rose


“I am honored to be able to call Franco Valobra and his remarkable team at Valobra Master Jewelers my friends. But the truth is that they are friends to all. Franco’s generosity and countless donations in this community and beyond are unmatched. He is a true philanthropist. And of course their is Franco, the Master Jeweler, he and his team giving thought provoking attention to every detail in designing and producing each piece, guaranteeing that piece will become a much coveted family heirloom.”
Elizabeth Stein

“Beatrice is absolutely amazing and has helped me so much over the years. Valobra Master Jewelers in Houston and New Orleans is the best in the South. No one designs or makes prettier jewelry than Franco Valobra.”
Eliza Duncan

Kathleen Jennings

Karina Barbieri

Jennifer Hancock

Pily Simon

“Franco Valobra is one of Houston’s most generous supporters of philanthropic causes. He’s a friend to all!”
Tena Faust