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Jewelry FAQs

Are you a lover of custom and unique jewelry but don’t know where to start your collection. Are you unsure of what to buy, how to care for your jewelry, and what categorizes a piece of jewelry as a luxury or vintage product? We have compiled frequently asked questions regarding luxury jewelry to help provide you with the answers you are looking for.

What jewelry should I wear with wedding dress?

Wedding day jewelry should be complimentary of the wedding dress. If the dress has a higher necklace, then a pair of statement earrings would be best. With lower necklines, a simple necklace and earrings would be ideal. You want the jewelry to compliment the wedding dress, not compete with it!

What color jewelry is best for me?

Whatever color you are drawn to! People tend to think – Sapphires and Aquamarines may look best on a blond or emeralds may look better on a redhead, however, jewelry always shines brightest on the one who feels most comfortable in what they are wearing.

What is the best method to store jewelry?

It is best to store your jewelry in a dry, room temperature climate. You don’t want to expose your pieces to moisture or extreme weather conditions for long amounts of time. Typically, a soft pouch or jewelry box would be ideal for your jewelry pieces.

What is the best way to clean jewelry?

The best way to clean jewelry at home is with a jewelry cloth. If you can visit the Valobra boutique, we can offer a more extensive cleaning with special tools, in most cases free of charge.

How often should I clean my jewelry?

Try to have your everyday pieces cleaned every 3-6 months, wiping with a jewelry cloth in-between visits. For pieces you do not wear every day, yearly cleanings should suffice.

How do I prevent my jewelry from tarnishing?

Usually tarnishing only occurs with silver, brass, or other low-quality materials. If your piece is gold or platinum, you need not worry about tarnishing! But try to remove your pieces if you are going swimming (fresh or saltwater) or when you are showering, to ensure longevity of your pieces.

How to insure my jewelry?

You can insure pieces either with your home insurance policy or with an accredited and trusted company like Jewelers Mutual.

Does my jewelry come with a warranty?

When your jewelry is bought at Valobra we have a lifelong warranty for cleanings and general maintenance.

What is custom designed jewelry?

Custom-designed jewelry is pieces that are made in small batches, or that are one of a kind. Sometimes custom design means that only one piece was made of its kind, or a very small quantity was made.

How do I custom design a piece of jewelry?

If you would like to custom design a piece with Valobra Master Jewelers, please contact our boutique for a consultation appointment where we can walk you through the process hopefully design a piece for you.

How much does custom jewelry cost?

Custom-designed pieces have a very large range of prices. Things to consider when trying to determine a price are, do you have all the materials, or will we be supplying all-new material? How fast do you need the custom piece? Would you like diamonds on the custom piece? Etc.

How is jewelry appraised?

Jewelry is appraised by our in-house appraiser out of our New Orleans boutique.

How much does a jewelry appraisal cost?

The cost of a jewelry appraisal depends on the value of the piece, typically an appraisal will start at $125, but please contact Valobra Master Jewelers for more detailed information.


How much does jewelry repair cost?

The cost of a jewelry repair will always depend on the nature of the repair. Most repairs will start at $70 and will increase from there depending on what needs to be done.

What is the standard necklace length?

The standard necklace length is 16 or 18 inches depending on where you want it to lay.

What are the standard ring sizes?

Ring sizes vary per finger for most people, so there is not one standard size. Men and women have different sizes for every finger!

How can I find out my ring size?

You can find out your ring size by visiting our boutique for a fitting.

How do I determine my bracelet size?

We can measure your wrist in our boutique, and to do this we use a soft tape measurer and go by inches.

What earrings are best for sensitive ears?

Typically, people with very sensitive skin/ears comfortably enjoy 18kt gold for the material of their earrings.

Why does some jewelry turn my skin black?

Some jewelry turns skin back because gold is mixed with other materials to achieve the 18kt/14kt element, the materials that typically react with alloy in your skin are sulfur and chlorine.

Can I repurpose a family heirloom piece of jewelry?

We specialize in repurposing family heirloom jewelry and can create the piece or your dreams or something that can be further passed down for generations. We would be happy to set a consultation appointment with you to discuss details of your custom repurposing.

Is it possible to replicate a piece of jewelry?

We can replicate a piece of jewelry very well if we have the piece of jewelry, or a photo of the piece in question.