Although diamond engagement rings are an ever-popular choice for the bride-to-be, we understand that other precious stones may have found their way into your heart and you’re looking for an alternative to a diamond engagement ring.

The good news is that it’s 2022, and your engagement ring can be anything you want it to be!  Bold colors, eclectic designs and even more traditional cuts are quickly becoming as popular as the ever-present diamond, and to help inspire your choice, we’re sharing some of our favorites! 


One need look no further than Princess Diana’s stunning sapphire engagement ring (now worn by Kate Middleton) to see that sapphires are just as lustrous and beautiful as diamonds. And if you think sapphires only come in shades of blue, you’ll be delighted to learn that they can be a rainbow of colors, making it a great option for your non-diamond engagement ring.


The deep, mesmerizing green of emerald is another stunning choice as an alternative to a diamond engagement ring. With its distinctive deep and earthy tones, emeralds are both vibrant and eye-catching. Coupled with yellow gold to bring out its natural hues, emerald is a fascinating option that’s sure to get a lot of comments and compliments!


The deep, crimson hues of ruby are a timeless choice that echo the fires of passion and everlasting love, making this gemstone an excellent option that ranks right alongside sapphires in terms of hardness (and one step below diamonds). Pair it with yellow gold to bring out that golden luster.

Other Precious Stones

The choice of stone for your engagement ring is a big decision, and many brides are opting for a special stone that reminds them of a favorite place or moment. Imagine choosing a luxurious pearl to remember the moment where he proposed to you on the beach, or commemorating your wedding month with that month’s corresponding birthstone. The choices are endless!

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