This May, the “Force” is strong at Valobra Master Jewelers! Jeweler Franco Valobra will be presenting an extensive “museum quality,” never seen by the public collection of original props, costumes, and artifacts, used in the original 1977-1983 iconic “Star Wars Trilogy” at the Houston showroom of Valobra Master Jewelers (2150 Westheimer Rd.) from May 10-13, 2023.

The collection, one of the world’s greatest outside of Star Wars creator George Lucas’ own collection, showcases the original costumes and props of the main characters in the original trilogy, including the oldest, original surviving Darth Vader costume, the famous Princess Leia’s metal bikini “slave costume” worn by actress Carrie Fisher in the 1983 film, Return of the Jedi, and the original “X Wing” helmet made for Luke Skywalker (worn by actor Mark Hamill), among many other rare and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Displayed will be one of the most important cinematic cameras of all time.  The original and only camera filmmaker George Lucas specially modified and used to film the complete Star Wars trilogy, which had been also used, decades prior, by directors such as Alfred Hitchcock to film “To Catch a Thief”, by Stanley Kubrick to film “Spartacus”, and by Steven Spielberg to film “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” This actual camara was also used to film parts of cinematographic masterpiece, “Gone With the Wind, by director Victor Fleming.

Guests will view the original, one-of-a-kind Star Wars special effect “Alien Masks” featured in the famous Mos Eisley cantina scene in the 1977 original film as well as a rare “X Wing Spaceship” model, used in the original production, along with extremely rare Storm Troopers’ costume armors and original weapons.

Some of the most fascinating pieces displayed in Valobra’s presented collection of artifacts include the extremely rare and never before seen collection of documents and artwork used by George Lucas to illustrate and explain his film concept to 20th Century Fox executives and other film studios, including the first character drawings artwork by famed conceptual designer and illustrator Ralph McQuarrie and the original script Lucusfilm’s producer Gary Kurtz used to convince 20th Century Fox to greenlight the film project. Attendees will also have a chance to view the original personal script of actress Carrier Fisher (aka Princess Leia) complete with handwritten notes showcasing the development and final selection of the film’s most iconic dialogues.

This incredible collection will be on view only at Valobra Master Jewelers in Houston (2150 Westheimer Rd.) to the public from Wed, May 10 – Sat, May 13 from 11am – 5pm. For the first time ever, Franco Valobra will be presenting the Skywalker Diamond, an exceptionally rare and flawless diamond and the very special Darth Vader Black Diamond!