What types of jewelry clasps are the strongest? Which are the easiest to attach and detach? In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the many different types of jewelry clasps available and how to choose the right one for your jewelry design.

The Spring Ring Clasp


The spring ring clasp is simply a metal clasp with a spring mechanism. You simply pull back on the level and the spring compresses, giving you an open space through which to put the ring or tab. Once you release the level, the clasp will close.

It can be a bit tedious and frustrating trying to operate a spring ring clasp on something that you can only close with one hand (like a bracelet) but it’s very sturdy and functional and a good solid choice for everyday jewelry. 

The Lobster Clasp


So-called because it resembles a lobster claw, to open a lobster clasp, you simply push down on the lever with your thumb, and the bottom part of the claw swings inward. Releasing this level closes the “claw”. 

Lobster clasps are available in a variety of sizes and styles, including one version that lets the claw swing and rotate 360-degrees independent of the jewelry. This style is great for bracelets and anklets that tend to move around a lot when you wear them. If you have a light or medium-weight piece of jewelry, a lobster clasp is a solid clasp but something heavier will need a sturdier piece to allow it to close more securely. 

The Barrel Clasp


True to its name, the barrel clasp has two pieces of metal that simply screw together to create the closure. The end result looks like a barrel. It also needs both hands in order to be able to fasten it, so you might need to enlist a friend or your spouse if you’re having a difficult time closing it.

The Toggle Clasp


The toggle clasp has a T-shaped piece on one end, and an open shape (such as a circle) on the other. Toggle clasps are great for heavier jewelry since the weight prevents the T-shaped piece from slipping through the circle. Just be sure that you choose a jewelry piece that allows the T to lock in place and not accidentally slip out. Toggle clasps are also easy to put on and take off! 

The Magnetic Clasp


Magnetic clasps are easy to fasten and can be found in many different types of jewelry. Oftentimes, the clasp itself is designed to complement the jewelry. Some clasps are small and dainty, others are large and decorated with embellishments just like the jewelry itself. Magnetic clasps are great for people who don’t like to (or don’t want to) deal with small levers or springs. 

The Hook Clasp


Similar to the toggle clasp, except the hook class has an S shape, which allows the designer to attach one end to a piece of jewelry and slide it into a ring that’s attached to the other end. The one thing you absolutely have to be careful of when buying a piece of jewelry with a hook clasp is that the hook itself is tight enough to lock onto the ring without sliding back off. You’ll also want to be sure that the hook won’t accidentally catch on anything, like your sweater or jacket. 

The Fishhook Clasp


Fishhook clasps aren’t as common as the other types of clasps you’ll find highlighted here, but they’re incredibly elegant. On one end, you have the metal hook, and an oval-shaped “box” on the other. The hook slides into the box and in some cases, similar to the spring-loaded enclosure, will lock. Fishhook clasps are better suited to necklaces than bracelets but even then, they can be designed to look quite sophisticated and well-integrated with the overall piece itself. 

The Sidelock Clasp


Specially designed for multi-strand necklaces and bracelets, the side lock clasp features a long tube with rings where you can attach each strand. The end result is a very elegant look and makes it appear as if the necklace or bracelet has no clasp at all. 


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